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“Emi Mimo”

Nothing gets done without the Holy Spirit, and when we invite Him to take His rightful place, we will see miracles, signs, and wonders. More than ever before we need Him now. Come, Lord Jesus, come sweet Spirit of God. Touch, heal and deliver even now. We Need You!

Let the dunamis of God surge in you as you SOAK with this SOUND.
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“Know You More”

Know you more is a song of devotion, born out of my desire to Know Him more. The more I learn of Him the more i want to Know Him. This is not another song, it's a cry. A cry of every human spirit, a cry of a bride for her groom, a cry for koinonia, a cry for JESUS.

Oh! that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death. Click the button to

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“We Proclaim”

There is nothing as powerful as declaring the Lordship of Jesus. Something happens when we call on Jesus and when we declare His Lordship over our lives, families, and nation”

“This song will stir you up to see and experience what it means for Jesus to be your Lord to the end that you might proclaim him to the ends of the earth. I pray that you will be able to receive the opulence of this message

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