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Nothing gets done without the Holy Spirit, and when we invite Him to take His rightful place, we will see miracles, signs, and wonders. More than ever before we need Him now. Come, Lord Jesus, come sweet Spirit of God. Touch, heal and deliver even now. We Need You!

Let the dunamis of God surge in you as you SOAK with this SOUND.

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Come sweet spirit come

Come, come, come Almighty one

Oh, oh, oh, come, come, come, come,

Come, come, come


Wa, wa, wa emi-mimo

Wa, wa, wa, Alagbara

Oh, oh, oh, wa o,wa o, wa o, wa o

Wa o,wa, wa


Emi olorun                        

wa, wa,wa o

wa,wa,wa ooooo

wa,wa,wa ooooo